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Yoga Props: How to Choose Them, How to Use Them

In yoga practice, props such as blocks, walls, wall ropes, straps, chairs, blankets and weights are often used.

Why all the "stuff?"

The use of props in yoga have many functions: props can enable a practitioner to perform a pose which he or she couldn't do otherwise. Props can also be used to improve alignment, or bodily integrity, as well as give a sense of lightness which comes with correct practice. Beyond helping the practitioner improve and refine his or her asana practice, props can be used to heal injuries, and to aid in deeper release.

In this workshop, we will practice a well rounded sequence of postures, and prop options will be offered for every pose. Students will leave with a better understanding of the purpose of props, and how and when to use them, and when and why to “lose” them.

Appropriate for all levels, but some yoga experience is recommended.

Saturday, July 8th 2-4pm

$35 Members

$40 Non-members

Jill Crawford is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and massage therapist at Zazen. Sandy Lamerson is a yoga teacher at Zazen and currently participating in a two-year Iyengar yoga teacher training.