Originally from Normandy, France, I have lived in SF since 1991 and am a certified massage therapist from both the McKinnon Institute in Oakland (1995) and the Institute of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai (2001), Thailand.

My perspective in the movement and healing arts has been greatly inspired by my involvement in dance, Iyengar Yoga and the practice of Aikido, in which I hold a third degree black belt. From each of these disciplines I have gleaned a well-rounded and holistic perspective, allowing me to comfortably explore the body on a deeper level.

My unique style is a blend of Swedish and Thai massage. In combining basic Swedish strokes with the gentle Thai stretches and acupressure, the result is often deep relaxation, more vital energy, removal of toxins, increased range of motion and even healing at a cellular level.

I believe in massage as a preventative art that promotes a more complete integration of body and mind. Awareness is the first step toward healing and bodywork is a powerful tool that will allow you to be in tune with your internal healing processes.

I invite you to unleash your natural ability to heal through massage.