Zazen means seated meditation. At ZaZen we practice sitting and walking meditation as a way to cultivate spaciousness, calm awareness and joy in the present moment. We practice meditation as a way of stopping, of doing nothing amidst all the distraction, as a way of setting aside our conditioned habitual ways of relating to the world and finding a more spacious free relation to what is.

Though Zazen is rooted in the Zen Buddhist tradition we offer it as a practice open to all people independent of spiritual affiliations. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience.

Meditation Offerings

We invite community members who have some familarity with any silent meditation practice to join our staff for our daily unguided group meditations. Voluntary donations ($2-$10) to support our space and props are welcome.

Occasionally we offer guided meditation programs.

Click here to see our schedule of meditation programming.

Practice discussion

Meditators are invited to discuss their practice with our meditation teacher. To make an appointment, call us at 415.806.6899 or click here.